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A brief history of the Seibukan, the
IJJF, the EJJU, the WBI and the FFJJBA

In 1968, Hanshi Suzuki Masafumi formed in Kyoto (Japan) the «Japanese Seibukan Académy - All Japan Budo Federation», the official Japanese federation for all Japanese Martial arts.

In 1968, Hanshi Masafumi formed the IJJF (International Ju Jitsu Federation) with Alfred Hasemeier and Vernon C. F. Bell.

In 1968, Alfred Hasemeier and Vernon C. F. Bell create the EJJU (European JuJitsu/JuJutsu Union), linked with the IJJF for Europe.

In 1973, the Japanese Seibukan Academy recognizes the IJJF as its world branch for Ju Jitsu and the EJJU as its branch for Ju Jitsu in Europe.

In 1984, the IJJF and the EJJU are recognized as members of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and of the ICSSPE (International Council of the Science of Sports and Physical Education).

UNESCO and the ICSSPE recognize the IJJF as the world-leading organization for Ju-Jitsu.

The directory of international organizations, qualifies the IJJF as «the world-leading organization for all styles of Japanese Ju-Jitsu based martial arts».
«The IJJF establishes training in the original ancient styles of Japanese Ju-Jitsu, including unarmed self-defence, and cultivates the spiritual values of Japan, including the Buddhist underpinning; it carries out scientific research on the physical and mental aspects of the ju-jitsu.»

In 1988, Grandmaster Stefano Surace assumes the presidency of the WBI (World Butokukai Institute) and founded the FFJJBA (French Federation of Ju Jitsu Butokukai and associated disciplines).

In 1995, the Japanese Seibukan Academy, and its representatives for Ju Jitsu (IJJF and EJJU), recognize grandmaster Hanshi Stefano Surace as 10th dan Menkyo Kaiden in Ju Jitsu.

In 1998, the FFJJBA, chaired by Grandmaster Hanshi Stefano Surace, becomes the French branch of the EJJU, and thus of the IJJF and of the Seibukan Japanese Academy for Ju Jitsu.

In 1998, World Butokukai Institute recognize Grandmaster Javier Galan Vazquez, at the time vice-president of the executive IJJF and chairman of the EJJU, as an elite member and Spanish representative.

In 1999, the EJJU makes Grandmaster Hanshi Stefano Surace its vice-president and technical director for Europe its representative in France.

In 2004, the EJJU recognizes Grandmaster T R. Crimi and Hikari Ryuza Ryu its representative in the United States.

February 27, 2004, Vernon C. F. Bell, President of the IJJF and of the EJJU, dies and the presidency of these organizations is entrusted to Grandmaster Javier Galan Vazquez.

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