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European Ju Jitsu Union
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1) Anybody wishing to apply for membership to the EJJU, must provide us with certificates of authenticity of full grading history.

2) The same applies for those holding titles such as Renshi, Shihan, Kyoshi, Hanshi etc.

3) On acceptance of membership, a certificate of membership will be issued and sent at a postal charge of 60 euros

4) We will promote your events and seminars, globally on request. We will pass on all information to our members and member organisations within the EJJU.

5) Membership is free, nominal charges will apply for EJJU materials issued, I.E budo passports, certificates, proofs and seminars etc. The EJJU remains a non-profits organisation.

6) The EJJU will always maintain the fundamental beliefs of grandmaster the REV. DR. VERNON C.F BELL HANSHI 10 DAN. Within the true spirit of budo
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