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The success of the WBI Ju-Jitsu World Cup 2004

to the Arènas of Lutèce

Paris The Frenchman
Patrick Perier
is new World Champion

2nd Gabor Ila (Hungary), 3rd Willy Jacq (France)

Patrick Perier shows the World Cup that it has just conquered, congratulated by Jean Tiberi, Mayor of the 5e district of Paris where are the Arènes de Lutèce, the evocative historic site which saw formerly fighting the ancient gladiateurs and today the best JuJitsukas of the world ...

The « grand patron » of the Cup, master Stefano Surace, 10th dan Menkyo

Kaiden, after having given the welcome to the fighters of all nationalities during

the cocktail of honor offered by the parisian Municipality, converse with the

authorities and the guests

On the left: The French Minister for the Sport Jean François Lamour and grandmaster Stefano Surace discuss the problems about the Ju-Jitsu in France,and how to satisfy, according to criteria’s suggested by the master, the great request for authentic Ju-Jitsu

On the top: Grandmaster Surace and Jean Tiberi with a group of fighters and leaders

Patrick Perier Sunday May 30 at the Stade Poliveau gets rid of a adversary.

The fight appen on the hard ground, according to standard of authentic Ju-Jitsu

On the left : The fights, according to the tradition of authentic JuJitsu, in addition to being held on the hard ground (here on the ground of the Arènes de Lutèce) do not have weight categories: here for example a fighter of 71 kilos, Bruno Ovarlé, fights with an adversary of 110 kilos. And we will not say who gained...

The other results :

European Cup: 1st Neil Mac Carty (Ireland), 2nd Stephane Fernandes (France), 3rd ex aequo Bruno Ovarlé and Sébastien Nahon (France)

French Cup : 1st Franck Grillot (Bordeaux), 2nd Yann Rigault, 3rd ex aequo Bruno Sarrant and Olivier Lechat (Paris)

International «City of Paris» Challenge : 1st Christophe Gerber (Switerland), 2nd Jan Kim Messin (South Korea), 3rd Richard Jakubowski (France)

Moreover, awarded by the Parisian municipality:

Technique Cup : Sébastien Nahon

Fair Play Cup : Stephane Fernandes

Budo spirit Cup : Bruno Ovarlé

Merit Cup : Henri de Montvallier

And, awarded bay World Butokukai Institute :

Style Cup: Yann Rigault

Patrick Perier is thus fourth JuJitsuka to have conquered this prestigious world title, after Mathieu Nicourt, Franck Grillot and Andrea Stoppa

The 4th WBI Ju-Jitsu World Cup was fought out on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May in Paris

The competitions (free fights without weight categories) took place in the Latin Quarter, in the suggestive surroundings of the Arènes de Lutèce on 29th – on the same ground where ancient gladiators fought… - and in Stade Poliveau on 30th.

Martial artists from around the world took part who passed an initial selection.

The European, French and the Paris Cup were fought out at the same time.

The jures was presided by master Daniel Mercier, vice-president of the World Butokukai Institute.

The competition was organized by the famous Parisian Dojo «Yawara Jitsu Butokukai Club de France» presided by grandmaster Stefano Surace, on delegation from the «World Butokukai Institute» and the « European JuJitsu Union ( EJJU ) » (London), an organization recognized by UNESCO and which is under the aegis of the «All Japan Budo Federation Nippon Seibukan» (Kyoto).

With the support of the French Ministry of Sport and of the City of Paris and with the adhesion at the Honorary Committee world’s highest-graded JuJitsu grandmasters (10th Dan).

The Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee included, among others, Jean-François Lamour (French Minister of Sport) Bertrand Delanoë (Mayor of Paris) Pascal Cherki , assistant of the Mayor of Paris in charge of the Sports, Jean Tiberi (former Mayor of Paris) Lionel Baudet (President of the Sports Office of the 5th Arrondissement of Paris) Alfredo Tucci ((editor of the international martial-arts magazine «Budo international » also known as «Cinturon Negro » and « Black Belt » in different countries) and furthermore by the highest-graded Ju-Jitsu grandmasters in the world, including Stefano Surace (President of the « World Butokukai Institute » and the « Yawara Jitsu Butokukai Club de France », vice-president and technical director of the « European JuJitsu Union », London) Javier Galan Vazquez (10th dan Ju Jitsu, vice-president of the « International JuJitsu Federation » (Kyoto), Executive Chairman of the « European JuJitsu Union » London) Tyron R. Crimi (10th dan Ju Jitsu, president of the Association of Martial Arts Masters (USA), ATAMA, President of the « Hikari Ryuza Ryu » (USA), representative in the USA of the « All Japan Budo Federation Seibukan » (Kyoto), the official Japanese martial-arts organization, Tom Baldwin (10th dan JuJitsu, President of « World & British Federation of Martial Arts », UK) Pablo Pereda Gonzales (10th Dan, vice-president of the «European Ju-Jutsu Union» of London, president of «Tomari-Te, Garyu-Ryu y To-De Organización», Spain) Robert Manole (8th dan JuJitsu, president of the Martial Arts Federation, Romania); alongside a number of grandmaster of other martial arts: Ralph Castro (10th dan Kempo, President of the « International Shaolin Kenpo Association », USA) Max Pallen (10th dan Arnis, Philippino stick, USA) Stephen Labounty (9th dan Kenpo, president de l’ « American Kenpo », USA) Alexandre Archie (9th dan Karate Shorei Ryu, President of « Goju-Shorei Systems » USA) Francisco Royo Ribera, (8th dan Ken Jitsu, president of « Wa Rei Ryu Ken Jitsu », Spain).

The fights

The fights, referred by grandmaster Surace and 8 minutes in length without intervals, were extraordinarily vigorous and often with a vertiginous speed, followed by a fascinated crowd.

This with the aim of reproducing as faithfully as possible real-life, «survival» or «total» conditions against even a physically stronger and heavier opponent who does not limit the violence of his attacks.

But by facing with the Budo with the «Budo philosophy» according to which, even in the harshest clashes and situations of real aggression, the aim is to neutraize the opponent without injuring him seriously, except in extreme cases.

The objectives are made possible by rules put together by grandmaster Surace (the highest Ju-Jitsu official in the world) who had already proved his method in the three previous World Cups. Such rules are clear in comparison with those generally adopted in unarmed martial arts’ competitions.

The rules are in fact based on the condition that no reflex, technique or moveement of defence or of attack which is efficient in real-life situations should be stopped in competitions by the rules or by the referee.

This means that the fights allow for the evaluation of the ability of the competitors to protect their pressure and vital points, fighting the opponent with neutralizing techniques (locks, immobilizations on the ground, throws, strangulations) and of action on pressure which does not lead to serious physical injury.

The difference between this and competitions of the «Ultimate Fighting», «Vale tudo», «Brazilian Ju-Jitsu» type, which advertise «total fights», but which in fact, have rules which forbid certain strikes and holds.

The difference is also obvious between this and «Ju-Jitsu» competitions organized by Judo federations in which JuJitsu is completely perverted, to the point of caricature, by the interdicts of the rules.

The day before the competitions, Friday 28th May, there was an inauguration ceremony with a cocktail party given by the Paris town hall, with welcoming from Jean Tiberi, former Mayor of Paris, and by grandmaster Surace, by Michel Bordes from the Sport Office of the Paris town hall and by Lionel Baudet, president of the Sports Office.

Text of Rules

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