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An exceptional event

The European Ju-Jitsu Union (London)
are holding a major JuJitsu course in Paris

in collaboration with the World Butokukai institute and the Fédération Française de JuJitsu Butokukai

On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December an exceptional event in the world of martial arts will take place in Paris: a major course organised by the European JuJitsu Union (EJJU) in collaboration with the World Butokukai institute (WBI) and the Federation Francaise de JuJitsu Butokukai (FFJJBA).

The European JuJitsu Union, based in London and run by grandmaster Vernon Bell, is the European arm of the Nippon Seibukan, the official Japanese martial arts’ organisation, the only one to be recognised by UNESCO.

The course will revolve around high-level Ju-Jitsu, with classes given by internationally-renowned experts including Francisco Javier Galan Vazquez, executive chairman of the EJJU, and grandmaster Stefano Surace, 10th dan, technical director of the EJJU and president of the WBI.

The Spanish delegation will be particularly well-represented, with grandmaster José Martin Barrera of Miura ryu and grandmaster Antonio Rubio Pérez of Kaizen ryu.

Most of the grandmasters will be staying in the pleasant surroundings of Bénerie.

The course will also welcome grandmasters of other disciplines, including Mo Tritton with a British delegation.

The course will begin on Saturday 16th at 10 o’clock in the heart of the Latin Quarter, at the Gymnasme Barbusse (11 rue Henri Barbusse, in the 5th arrondissement, metro: Luxembourg).

Further details will follow on this exceptional event

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